As featured in GLAMOUR magazine (AW19)
Fàileag Scottish RoseHip Oil

About Fàileag Scottish RoseHipOil

Fàileag Scottish RoseHipOil 

As seen in GLAMOUR Magazine (AW19 issue)

Handmade to a Traditional Scottish recipe in the Rural Scottish Village of Nemphlar!

A fresh & innovative skincare range from Scotland.  It brings with it a choice of natural handmade face oils all made with Scottish rosehips.

Each rosehip oil is then carefully blended with a 'wee' hint of essential oil to maximise skin-specific benefits.

TargetFormulated SkinCare is a truly great way to keep every area of your skin in it’s BestPossibleCondition. Being SkinSpecific, FàileagScottishRosehipOil enables you to find the RosehipOils best suited to your SkinType, and so PinPointing your SkinType is key. It helps determine what your skin needs. Once you know this, then treating it properly can help achieve Clear,HealthyLooking skin for a LifeTime.

Each skin type has it's VeryOwn SpecificSet of characteristics and so requires special attention, there are 5 main different SkinTypes.

Whether you need a skincare routine for normal skin, mature skin, teen skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, acne prone skin...  Fàileag targets your own skin type, improving the overall health & condition of your complexion.

UtraNourishing and UltraMoisturising these target formulated, face oils are jam packed full of natural vitamins & essential nutrients, easily absorbed by the skin, allowing the antioxidants to penetrate deep into the skin's layers for cleaner, clearer, soft & supple skin.   Use alone or underneath your daily moisturiser to achieve & maintain a natural, healthy glow!

Rosehip Oil  - one of the oldest, traditional methods of natural skincare, becoming more & more popular with all age groups now

incorporating it into their daily skincare


ThankYou V.Much for choosing FàileagScottishRoseHipOil xoxo

Made in Scotland.

Fàileag Scottish RoseHip oil

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