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Fàileag Scottish RoseHip Oil
Image of Fàileag RoseHipOil -SamplerPack  5 x 10ml (customisable)

Fàileag RoseHipOil -SamplerPack 5 x 10ml (customisable)


💕💕💕 SamplerBox💕💕💕

MixUp your VeryOwn 5 x 10ml bottles SamplerPack:

1. Choose your 5 favourite RosehipOil ‘Hints’ from the list below.
2. Complete CheckOut filling in the ‘Notes&Instructions’ box with your choices.
3. Finished!!

& your personalised box will arrive with you as per your choices!

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌹🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Fàileag Scottish Rosehip Oil is HandCrafted 👩🏼‍🍳 in Scotland 🏔 to a Traditional Scottish recipe 📝 Each 'hint' infused with a 'hint' of EssentialOil to give specific & individual added benefits of your choice 🤗

*LabTested 🧐

*CPSR Certified 📜

*NotTestedOnAnimals 🦌

*VeganFriendly 🌿

*NaturalIngredients ✅

*Handmade in Scotland 💙

As we mature, our skin is gradually depleted of the EssentialNutrients it needs to stay hydrated, losing it's Elasticity&InnerGlow.
SuperLightWeight & EasilyAbsorbed, Fàileag Scottish Rosehip Oil goes beyond just moisturising, leaving skin hydrated, noticeably Softer&Smoother & restoring your best NaturalGlow!
RosehipOil is one of the OldestTraditionalRemedies in NaturalSkinCare, & has now become More&More Popular, with all AgeGroups now incorporating it into their DailySkinCareRoutine to Maintain&Restore their BestSkin!

The Fàileag RoseHipOil SamplerPacks are a really nice way to start & find which ones will work best for you!
Or perhaps this is your 1st time using RoseHip FaceOil, or maybe you are already an avid RoseHipOil user & you’d just like to introduce, or even gift FamilyOrFriends!!
Then this little GiftBox is perfect coming with :

MadeWithLove from Scotland

Please also remember too, I am only just on the other end of the ‘Contact’ button if you’d like any help in choosing what is going work best for you ...or your giftee!
ThankYou, Janet xoxo

Customise from the list below:

🌹 - Oringinal
💜 - LavenderHint
💜 - RoseMaryHint
💜 - JuniperBerryHint
💚 - BergamotHint
💚 - HighlandPine&PepperMintHint
💚 - LimeHint
💚 - ScotchPineNeedleHint
💖 - RoseWoodHint
💖 - GeraniumHint
🧡 - CarrotSeedHint
🧡 - MandarinHint
💛 - ChamomileHint
💛 - FrankincenseHint
💛 - GrapeFruitHint
💛 - MyrrhHint
💛 - LemonHint
💛 - YlangYlangHint

Shipping SameDay/EveryDay!! ...assuming NoNaturalDisasters!!! xoxo

Image of Fàileag RoseHipOil -SamplerPack  5 x 10ml (customisable) Image of Fàileag RoseHipOil -SamplerPack  5 x 10ml (customisable) Image of Fàileag RoseHipOil -SamplerPack  5 x 10ml (customisable) Image of Fàileag RoseHipOil -SamplerPack  5 x 10ml (customisable)
Image of Fàileag’s 2pc Rosehip “Duo“ FaceOil&Balm Set (Customisable) Image of Fàileag’s 2pc Rosehip “Duo“ FaceOil&Balm Set (Customisable)
Fàileag’s 2pc Rosehip “Duo“ FaceOil&Balm Set (Customisable)
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