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Fàileag Scottish RoseHip Oil
Image of PillowMist (30ml)

PillowMist (30ml)


Our 30ml PillowMist

🌈 All the same recipe, just ChangeUp your BottleColour to your perference!!! 🌈

Simply mist onto your sheets or duvet – this will imbue all of your bedding with a relaxing fragrance.

Inhale&Exhale TheDay!!!

...with our Lavender rich PillowMist! Gently blended with notes of:
for Relaxation,Peace&WellBeing and help in achieving your BestSleep

Our aqueous ingredients below have also been carefully chosen to create and keep our mist an 100%Natural and NonToxic spray:
🌊 WitchHazel - AntiBacterial ingredient perfect for use on BedLinen
🌊 DistilledWater - Pure&Clean with no impurities
🌊 Symbio®Solv ClearPlus - this is our magical ingredient ⭐️ which blends our oils and water evenly together to give a stable, safe, clear, clean and fresh solution.

💡#funfact - MistYourRoom, MistYourCar, MistYourClothes...

Vegan,Natural,CrueltyFree&InLine with our OriginalRange.
A Blend of EssentialOils&NaturalIngredients, to
Create YourVeryOwn MagicalNightTimeSpace, enhance your personal RelaxingAmbience, encourage Peace&WellBeing for a Sound&Undisturbed NightsSleep🌜⭐️🌛⁣

💜 Lavender – Probably the MostPopular CalmingEssentialOil, widely used to relax the Mind&Body, RelieveTension, SootheAnxiousFeelings & ImproveSleepQuality.
CountlessStudies have demonstrated LavenderOil’s PotentSedative, AnxietyReducing, CalmingEffects when used in aromatherapy.

🍊 SweetOrange – A Sweet,Clean,CitrusScent and also an adaptogen that can be either EnergisingOrCalming, depending on what your body needs.

🌺 Geranium – This SoothingOil has been known to help ease AnxiousFeelings, BalanceEmotions, bringing with it a SenseOfPeace&WellBeing.

⭐️ Frankincense – With a Warm,Spicy aroma to promoting FeelingsOfPeace, Relaxation&Satisfaction.  A PerfectOil to use to help BalanceYourMood.  And when combined with OtherOils, frankincense often EnhancesTheProperties of the other EssentialOils.

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Image of PillowMist (30ml) Image of PillowMist (30ml) Image of PillowMist (30ml) Image of PillowMist (30ml)